Friday, May 30, 2008

busy week

i thought i caught octavia last night, but it was violet instead. it was dusky and ive slept with my contacts in the last few nights so i cant see for crap. i let her go then reset the trap. this morning there was a baby opposum. sucker was really cute in weird sort of way.

drove up to denton today to get an xl dog carrier - if i ever can catch those kittens, now ive got something to keep them in. and when we get a dog, we will have a crate for it. then we visited husband at work for lunch. after that it was a resale shop in keller - where i got a litter box and and haba sheep wall lamp for 3.99. then we played at bear creek park for a little while. it was hot so i wanted to get ice cream so it was off to sonic. it was a long day.

and i have my new car now. husbands sister was getting rid of her car and asked if we wanted it. it's a 97 mistubishi montero. the gas mileage sucks but i dont drive a whole lot of places anymore and i could take husbands car to church - my longest trip. but it's big enough for any "treasure" and, above all, as A/C. i had two crispy fried kids in the back seat this afternoon. and it was cheap. it's gotta last me at least 4 more years and by then hybrid technology should be better and i can get something i really want.

i really need to mow the lawn again and thin out some pumpkin vines. this weekend it's off to home depot to get more round-up - i really hate it but it's the most effective thing against the bain-of-my-existance trees - and to price insulation for the attic.

and as soon as photobucket stops being so picky, im going to upload some pictures.

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