Monday, June 2, 2008

"kitty at my foot and i wanna touch it"

ok. i thought and still think the above song was dumb but it's fitting. caught yet another opossum last night - quite possibly the same one from the other day. later this morning i was changing sam's butt and happened to look outside, and lo' and behold - there's octavia with three kittens. i rush outside to reset the trap and saw another juvenile cat with similar colouring to octavia.

i go and check a little bit later and looky who i got! dammit, she's cute.

i think im going to name her antonia. hopefully i can tame her.

and i need to start keeping a price book. i regularly shop at 4 different stores (5 if you count the bread outlet) and food prices are change so often i cant remember what's a good deal anymore.

and i really like my car. i had a coupon for 50cents off per gallon of gas and was about to fill the tank for less than fourty (my planned expenditure). if the trip meter was right, the gas mileage was about what my old car was so that encouraging.

and i ditched church yesterday. it was nice to spend a lazy day at home and watch meet the press. church is just so far away and ends up taking much of the day - plus im never "in" church. im negotiating potty breaks, diaper changes, melancholy attitudes, and boundless energy. it's just not that fun anymore. id still like to find people or something to do, but closer or if i could just go alone. i started going when husband was working weekends so it was nice to go be with people. also, he had four days off. now weve got only two to spend as a family and do things im otherwise unable to do by myself with the boys around.

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Patt said...

She is beautiful. Still think church is a good idea. Lucien likes it, and it is good to get out of your home surroundings. Who knows maybe even husband may go.
Yeah- last day of full day school!