Monday, April 27, 2009

stop the ride, i want off!

husband is on day 5 of a nasty URI. he got sick right as this whole swine flu thing came out - that's a fun feeling. tomorrow, if he's still out of it, it's a trip to the ER. he tried work today, but he might have had a bad reaction to the medication they gave him - or he could just be getting worse.

so it was a crazy past few days with the busted car and trying to explain to the boys that just because daddy is home doesnt mean he can play. and then we had a case of the crazies because of the rain today.

it's a good thing i dont drink cause this week has been up there.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

woohoo! two months since a post

im back from a long hiatus of illness and vacation. ive got lots of stuff to post about and tons of pictures to put up eventually.

in the meantime, today was one of those super awesome productive days. i:

  • took husband to work cause the car is in the shop
  • went to target and got said husband socks, teeshirts and a new lunch bag for buddytwo
  • also got anti-bug stuff so we wont get eaten alive when we go for after dinner walks
  • took the kids to school and renewed our public radio membership
  • got a boat load of work shirts, again for said husband, at thrift town for an insanely low price
  • found fan blades, also on sale at thrift town, and replaced the broken one in the boys' room so now they have a working fan, just in time for "summer"
  • went grocery shopping
  • went to braum's and used 5 dollars in coupons
  • am doing laundry as we speak and emptied the dish washer.

later im picking of the boys, going to the park and picking husband up from work. and after i hit publish post, im cleaning out the fridge.

go me!