Sunday, August 31, 2008

harriet miers 2.0

apparently i wasnt the first to think it but it makes me feel kinda good to know andrew sullivan and i think on the same wave length.

in case i need to spell it out, back in the day bush nominated harriet miers for the supreme court because sandra day oconner was retiring. it seemed like the only reasons were because she was the closest vagina-owner with appropriate political leanings. her nomination was later pulled when bush realised he wasnt fooling anybody and a good 'ol white boy was found. on npr they quoted some people at the rally and it seemed the only thing going for palin was that she was anti-choice. when that's your only qualification, any jack-ass will fit the bill.

and, in some unsubtle move to be historic and non-bush lite, palin is the anti-cheney. she can smile without making babies cry. she's mom, and what person wouldnt want to vote for mom? (oh yeah, those with a brain who can pick apart her policy positions. argh. too much alliteration.) what's next mccain? baseball for sec. of the interior? apple pie for the head of the Dept. of Agriculture? this is base pandering at it's most obvious. this quote sums it up.

"I'm not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative. Well, she's a better speaker than McCain," - Faye Palin, Sarah Palin's mother-in-law, laughing. Faye may vote for Obama.

honestly, im hoping this crashes and burns similarly as miers's nomination. obama and biden have been given the presidency on a fucking platter. lets hope they dont fuck it up.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

im calling it

i thought of this last night and am making claim to it.

sarah palin = harriet meyers.

you heard it here first. ill flush it out later. back to pancakes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my house is cool!

the folks came to do the attic. for the first time this summer, the AC wasnt running all day long. at 4:30pm the house was 80 degrees, not 84. woot!! they sprayed the radiant barrier and blew in more insulation. lets hope we see a big difference the the electricity bill.

and to be more confusing, im doing a name change. buddytwo has always had ears that stick out. it's really cute. octavian augustus had jug handle ears. suetonius said his ears were of "moderate size" but colleen mccollough made a big deal of them.

as for buddyone, maybe sulla. just forget the mental break-down at the end and proscription.

speaking of, sulla's birthday is soon. we want to hold the party at the house. one, i hope it doesnt rain, cause the house is not big enough. two, ive got tons of stuff to work to do in the backyard. and speaking of the backyard, i want a wood chipper and a sod ripper cause im sick of the big pile of random wood by the "garage" and i want to put down buffalo grass. the stickers are driving me fucking insane.

and i want to put texas sage and rosemary on the south side of the house. i wouldnt have to mow and both can be neglected and still come out fine. id like to make it a raised bed, too. but i dont think ill have the money for that.

someone at reads my blog

thats not me, but thats exactly what im doing.

and i promise ill update soon.