Tuesday, August 26, 2008

my house is cool!

the folks came to do the attic. for the first time this summer, the AC wasnt running all day long. at 4:30pm the house was 80 degrees, not 84. woot!! they sprayed the radiant barrier and blew in more insulation. lets hope we see a big difference the the electricity bill.

and to be more confusing, im doing a name change. buddytwo has always had ears that stick out. it's really cute. octavian augustus had jug handle ears. suetonius said his ears were of "moderate size" but colleen mccollough made a big deal of them.

as for buddyone, maybe sulla. just forget the mental break-down at the end and proscription.

speaking of, sulla's birthday is soon. we want to hold the party at the house. one, i hope it doesnt rain, cause the house is not big enough. two, ive got tons of stuff to work to do in the backyard. and speaking of the backyard, i want a wood chipper and a sod ripper cause im sick of the big pile of random wood by the "garage" and i want to put down buffalo grass. the stickers are driving me fucking insane.

and i want to put texas sage and rosemary on the south side of the house. i wouldnt have to mow and both can be neglected and still come out fine. id like to make it a raised bed, too. but i dont think ill have the money for that.


Patt said...

Glad the insulation and barrier has worked - still relatively cool here (need light blankets at night)

Checked out wood chippers - damn expensive! - may be cheaper to rent when needed

Buddy three has big ears and they use to stick out more (age makes everything go southward)

Melissa said...

Our cheapo wood chipper is working out pretty well. We have mulch anytime we need it.

Some raised bed ideas - it can be expensive if you buy the materials. But it can be cheap too. You can use medium or largish logs to make the walls of it, which can be found anywhere that trees have been cut. To fill in, use all kinds of mulch and filler at the bottom that can rot down over time. Put finished compost in the top half of it. Then you don't have to buy anything for it. With all the yardwork you plan on doing, you'll have plenty of compost in no time. Or you can use a platic kiddie pool, poke holes in the bottom, and fill it with dirt.

O.K. sorry for the novel. See you Sunday?