Saturday, August 30, 2008

im calling it

i thought of this last night and am making claim to it.

sarah palin = harriet meyers.

you heard it here first. ill flush it out later. back to pancakes.

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Patt said...

I was thinking more like Phyllis Schlafly, same hair, same mindset, same politics.

Brillant move on McCain's part - he did steal Obama's thunder.

Politics aside - this election will be historical - Picasso said that all of his works did not have to be masterpieces as he was leading the way into a new style of painting - same might be said for this election - if the country and the world can survive the next four years - we are in a new era. As I am not sure if I am voting I hope my choices are broader and deeper next time. (Wonder if Obama is kicking himself for not picking Hillary)