Wednesday, April 30, 2008

random stuff

  • i love town talk (FW discount grocery store) more on that later
  • considering the current controversy of feminism/race issues in blog-land (fuck the word "blogosphere") im feeling really weird discussing AIDS within the african american community with my 99.99% white church
  • holy crap buddytwo is kinda walking. it's random and only about 4 steps at a time, but it's a start. he's also playing peek-a-boo. it's really cute.
  • buddyoneandtwo had dentist appointments today and, besides being all clear, did really well.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

i cant think of anything witty at all

i realised i havent posted in forever. so since my last post, hail has destroyed a good chunk of stuff. right now the only things that survived are: the jack-o-lantern and pie pumpkins, broccoli and maybe the yellow squash. the canteloupe and zuccinni are having a tough time. the front yard plots also seem to be struggling. the wildflowers are finally sprouting and my butterfly bush should start blooming soon.

ive started some different herbs and whatnot in pots because of the kurfuffle of the front yard. i need to do some serious bed-prep for next year. i also cut away all the vines and crud along the fence - i think next year i might try beans there. and speaking of next year, im going to make the garden plot a whole lot bigger. last weekend we borrowed In-Laws' power mower and weed-wacker and now the yard looks a whole heck of lot bigger. definately room for a bigger garden - hopefully one that wont suck.

so there's this thing about being green - i have a hard time "buying" it, ya know? i mean, ive been recycling since our town picked it up in 1990. in college, i was neurotic about going through the trash and putting bottles and cans in the recycling bins. and all of a sudden, now, we are being told that we need to recycle and be "green." it seems to me, the only reason why it's being bandied about now is so companies can sell shit. there are organic "green" pet clothes. for fuck sake people - dogs come with their own clothing. you are not helping!!! i actually saw a book at the library the other day about green baby-raising. here's an idea - don't go buy all the shit everyone says you need to raise your kid! baby doesnt need organic cotton crib sheets and a crib made from responsibly forested wood. co-sleep or get a crib thats already on the planet! maybe i just dont need to be "sold" on being green and all. i hate throwing things away and am cheap. husband called me a ludite the other day - i told him he was being sweet. but apparently, here in "ill water my lawn at high noon on a 100 degree day even though it's going to rain tomorrow cause i want to and you cant make me" texas, people need to be told that conserving resources is a good thing.

the new thing now is all the evil plastic sippy cups. i have a hard time justifying 27bucks on a kleenkanteen or similar product when ive got tons of glass jars from spaghetti and jelly lying around. i just wish i could figure out a way to make a "sippy" spout for them. yesterday faramir dumped a jar of water on himself in his carseat. i am going to make felted jar coozies for them once im done with this baby blanket (5 more inches!!). and then there's the whole thing about what to do with the plastic ones. i guess they are still good - if you dont care about phalates and BPA and all. or do i recycle them? my inner white person is just reeling. and how, exactly do i explain to boromir his favourite wiggly-cup is going to kill him?

in other news, i really think new car is going to happen this weekend.