Monday, May 19, 2008

summer is here

i finally broke down and turned on the air-conditioning today. but only for a coupla hours. i kept putting it off and then husband was due home so i put it on, and then by the time the house cooled off some, the temp dropped outside. so off it went.

im going to use the LoTR theme. i finished all the redwall books and anthony and cleopatra and needed something to read, so it was back to fellowship. im zipping right along and really wanna watch the movies again. it's been a really long time since we've watched them. also makes me wanna write something. might as well use my english major, eh?

faramir is 80/20 walking now. it's still kinda zombie-like, but is starting to prefer to walk, crawling only when he just wants to speed things up a bit. and he's in his helpful OCD phase. we went to a party given by husband's co-worker and he was going around grabbing trash and putting it in the garbage.

boromir is getting better, but is still a three year old. i read this feminist sci-fi series a few years back and there is this element where the children run wild for a time in a little herd until they are ready to come back into society. at the time it seemed really odd, but currently it seems like a really good idea. the feral version of getting put on a raft and being sent to "saint mary's on the river." (my mom reads this and will get a chuckle.)

other than that. not much going on. learning the hard way spacing guidelines on vegetable seeds arent kind, little, "if you feel like it" suggestions. my pumpkins are taking over. also, they are flowering, but not fruiting. and my summer squash isnt getting very big before it starts rotting on the vine. and it's not too late, i think im going to make another bed and retry some other seeds.

and we need a wood chipper.

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