Friday, August 7, 2009

selling out

i was on my way to town talk this morning and heard a commercial for google ads for "mommy bloggers" *vomit. i hate that term* but hey! money right? at this point any little bit will be helpful. just today i was mulling over markers and glue and the 20 odd cents difference between crayola and elmer's and whatever cheaper generic wal-mart carried. i stuck with crayola crayons and fiskar's for scissors because they are better, but for everything else, my desire for brand purity and to buy american just couldnt compare to the money i would save. also, the school supply list had some communal products on it that i would never normally buy - namely anti-bacterial crud and paper towels. buying more, there wasnt extra money for "the real thing."

so come on google, gimmee gimmee gimmee. (ads should be up in a few weeks or so. i will try to keep anything objectionable off the list - namely formula, weight loss, adoption crap.)

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