Thursday, August 6, 2009

childless day...what is it now?

i think it's day five. they are all blending in with each other at this point.
  • the shrubs are gone - except for the last one being guarded by some hornets
  • playroom, living room and boys' bedroom cleaned (just leaving the computer room and kitchen)
  • legos organised
  • did some minor toy weeding, there's not much left that the boys dont play with consistantly
  • slept a lot, yesterday i was feeling particularly out of it
  • reading a lot
  • later im going to the library
  • tomorrow is pay day and i will do grocery and school supply shopping maybe go to green mama's to get some ideas for the spring
  • fed some hornworms to my two resident preying mantises (mantisae?)
  • unsuccessfully tried to feed some leafhoppers to a banana spider i found in my rosemary

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