Saturday, February 21, 2009

finally something good this weekend

im so tired of sickness. the four of us have been swapping germs for the last two weeks. first a cold, then a stomach bug, and then another cold/respiratory infection thingee. my voice is gone and agrippa is on the nebuliser again and is hardly eating or sleeping and is just in a nasty disposition.

but!! we finally sold the diamante that had been sitting in the driveway for almost a year. ive got 300 bucks to play with. oooh, the projects i can finally start. whee! at this point, im mostly thinking gardening, but i might get some stuff for the house too. yeay for money.


Patt said...

Yeah! Just looking at, thinking about, and spending found money is fine - Dream big buy small - save some for the summer and the dells. Oh yeah it SNOWED AGAIN - I HATE IT

Patt said...

Sorry about the Stars