Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in which i live up to my uberhausfrau name

it may be rather embarrassing to say, seeing as we are trying to save money, but up until yesterday husband bought his breakfast.

so i now get up when he gets up and make breakfast - that should be a savings of at least 15 a week.

also, i planted some carrots - it's still fairly early, but i covered them with some hay i found on the curb.

and i made dinner every night last week. it may have been leftovers or something from the freezer, but we didnt make a taco bueno run cause i didnt feel like it.

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Patt said...

I have gotten in the habit of hitting McDonalds on the way to school in the morning - 2.45 doesn't sound like a lot, but damn it sure adds up - now Toast in a bag and I am on my way