Tuesday, November 4, 2008

squee for election day -belated post

I'm finally getting around to posting and if I didnt post on election day, that would be bad of me.

I voted early last week so I don't really have an election day story. When i went, there were a lot of people considering I'm in such a tiny town. We didnt have any interesting propositions to vote for, unlike California. There was a bunch of stuff about changing the city charter.

that was election day afternoon.

wow. i cant believe obama won. and i am so fucking proud to be an ex-pat Hoosier. we stayed up until 2am for the results to come in.

I'm heartsick about prop 8, though. there's got to be something they can do. Usually when there is some major change in rules, there's the grandfather clause. but how do you say this marriage is legally binding cause it's from this date, but this one isnt? and if there is no grandfathering, how do you void all those marriages? ugh.

that's the political. here's the personal - im selling some of my baby carriers, doing a garage sale this weekend and finding someway to sell the other car. woot for money!

and i finally "broke up" with church. We are too far away to be involved in the weekday stuff and sundays are an exercise in frustration. i spend service in the nursery and the adult classes baby wrestling and/or wandering the halls with buddytwo. just not worth it at this juncture. there's a UU church in fort worth i might check out but right now im enjoying "lazy" sunday mornings.


Melissa said...

:-( We will miss you at Pathways for sure. but I totally understand how difficult it is for you to drive out that far only to struggle with the littles. FWIW, there's a meeting next week about where to relocate and Tony's really pushing for Keller/ NRH area where the majority of members are living. I'll keep you posted on the details if you'd like.

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Patt said...

Well - Indiana is a blue state - it was offical in Thursday's paper. I think we are probably more a purple state - blue up north and red down south and blended in the middle. Anyway it is a nice feeling not being the lone liberal democrate in Northwest Indiana. Voted for Obama, but still wish Hillry had been on the ticket. I was impressed with Obama's Tuesday night speech (listened to it at 4 in the morning Wednesday - couldn't sleep) and McCain's.

Enjoy your lazy sunday mornings.