Friday, November 14, 2008

good hausfrau, badparent

yesterday i
  • did a load of laundry and hung it to dry
  • mopped the kitchen
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • cleaned and re-orged the laundry room
  • took down outdoor halloween decorations
  • fished toy bits out from under the entertainment center in the play room (im kicking myself for forgetting the tv in there for the garage sale over the weekend.)
to do all this, i let buddyone play on the computer from 7:30am until past noon.

speaking of buddyone, here's another story about him from yesterday.

after bathtime, i was swabbing buddyone's ears (usually husband does it) and i saw something. thought it was a big ear booger. im sure you know where this is going. nope there is a "foreign body" in there. when i asked buddyone if he putting something in his ear, he answered "im not telling" which almost always means "yes." and when he finally agreed he put something there, he said he did it "a long long time ago when i was three." and it was "a sticky from the red box. this long (hands held out 6+inches)." i havent a blooming clue what he's talking about. so he's not going to school tomorrow, potentially, so we can go to the doctor and fish that thing out.

im fairly sure it's the hand thingee to a lego person. gawd only knows how long it's actually been in there.

and on the buddytwo front: he was super awesome yesterday. i would not have been able to get all that done if he wasnt in a great mood. he played by himself a lot of the day and otherwise "helped" me. he's also doing the cutest shit lately. he says "geh goo" (thank you) all the time and loves listening to raffi and "yeah yeahs" (yeah yeah yeahs). and he says "o-kay" it's adorable. i think he is growing out of his rapid cycling baby bipolar-ness. and the other day he sat on the little potty of his own volition and peed.

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Patt said...

welcome to the continuing joys of parenthood and raising boys - i swear girls don't put stuff in their orifices - probably delaying/avoiding future intrusion of foreign objects.

will call tomorrow -