Sunday, October 19, 2008

"intellectual curiosity"

im seeing this phrase being used a lot lately especially when it comes to republicans not having it. Scott McClellan accused Bush of not having any in his book. Just this morning Colin Powell said Barack Obama had it, and the Eagle of College Station, Tx said Sarah Palin has little. This paper, which hasnt endorsed a Democrat in 50 years, is endorsing Obama.

But back to "intellectual curiousity," I really like that phrase. It means you dont have all the answers, but you are willing to look for them. You are interested in expanding your own view of things. Maybe im just elitist that way, but that means to dont cling to guns and religion and are a one (cough*abortion*cough) issue voter. You look at the big picture. And it has nothing to do with intelligence, just a willingness to acknowledge you arent the end all, be all of the known world. And you dont try to act smarter than you are (cough*i read 'all of them' when asked what media publications you follow*cough)

and in one of my self-induced crack attack moods, i just reorganised the boys' legos. i should post a picture of it. all the pieces are separated by type, size, use. aahh....letting my anal retentive freak flag fly.

And I found four kitten, probably 5ish weeks old, they still had some of the newborn blue to their eyes in the backyard. damn, they were cute. there were two grey tabbies, a solid grey, and a tuxedo.

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