Thursday, October 2, 2008

veep debate post

so here it is. ive got PBS on to watch the debate. a friend from DC went to school at washington U. in St. Louis.

"revelation made aware"

her response on climate change is utter crap.

and in other news, today is the one year anniversery of...oh shit she just said "drill baby drill"... of us living in the house. so here is a break-down of what we've done:
  • new furnace
  • new sections the roof
  • radiant barrier and more insulation in the attic
  • TNR 4 cats and adopted 2
  • garden less than successful, but ive started another bed. i know ocra will do well.
  • new fence for half the yard
  • window film in the playroom
  • new door knob for the bedroom
  • bought a crock pot, toaster oven, bread machine. all at thrift town - total, i think, was 20 bucks.
  • cleaned out some of the crap left in the backyard by previous owner
  • new shower head

plans for the next year and beyond

  • put down buffalo grass seed in the back yard
  • restore knotty pine panelling in the living room.
  • put window film in south side windows until we can get all the windows replaced with low-e double paned windows
  • take down weed trees along driveway
  • pave driveway
  • tear down "garage/shed"
  • replace other fence
  • have trees "serviced"

and here's a picture of "awesome" blossom

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