Tuesday, February 12, 2008

cheap thrills

yesterday day i got:
  • a mini cast iron frying pan, perfect for a single egg or grilled sandwich.
  • a toaster oven that was the half price sticker colour of the day
  • a cool workbook for octavian once he gets much older
  • a blueberry baby bush
  • an axe
  • 5 very new looking garbage can lids and a rubbermaid container that i can use as a wheelbarrow from the trash trailer next door
  • someone to come and take out all the plants i cant stand from my front yard
  • someone to give me some wild raspberry cuttings.

i think we are going to do a year moritorium on toys this year. (lets see if i can convince family members to comply - set up a "send the kids to college" fund or something.) my mom sent all the boys's xmas presents and it was like xmas all over again. and with agrippa's birthday coming next month, i just cant justify spending money on yet another thing - though he will be getting a "the king" car because he loves the other "kings" we have. im going to find a kindermusik class for him - i just need to find something agrippa and octavian can do together.

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