Monday, February 18, 2008

"got me a pretty, pretty garden, a pretty garden, yes"

with my front yard semi torn up, i finally decided to throw down some seeds for my butterfly/wildflower bed. it's supposed to be nice this week and im really hoping we are done with frost for the year. if not, whats another bad or two of wildflower seeds? buddy one had fun dumping them in the ground and playing with the hose. buddy two was eating dirt, again.

and i finally figured out what to plant in the front part shade bed. a pizza garden of sorts. the full sun is way too hot for tomatoes but the shrubs will protect them from the hottest time of the day. and tomatoes and basil grow well together some im planting regular and thai basil (from seeds i took from a plant i found when taking a walk. i took them from a portion of the plant that had gotten broken and was dried. so it's not like i butchered a random person's plant.) and if i have room, some spinach or other lettuce.

my blueberry bush is in the ground. just need to drive to azle to get the raspberry bushes. and start breaking ground on my garden. im a bit disappointed because the pomegranate i put in the ground didnt sprout last fall. all the baby leaves i saw were weeds. dammit.

also have to return the huge as bag of weed and feed to home depot. i dont have the receipt anymore so im probably just going to get store credit. what a shame. wonder if ill have enough for a roto-tiller.

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