Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week two and three

There was not much to report from the last two weeks. Dinner was made, groceries were bought, cookbooks were much perused with a serious desire to buy. We did eat lunch at a local hamburger eatery last week when husband was off, and mac and cheese and ramen noodles were made but they are gone. I can't recall anything particular i made, but have figured out:
  • I need to seriously need to stock up on the basics. Besides running out this last week of just about every staple - ketchup, freezer bags, flour - I was honestly surprised by the variety of food I could make without going grocery shopping several times because of monetary restrictions. Captain Obvious, I know.
  • I need (well, maybe more of a want but still a highly functional want) a food dehydrator. I borrowed two Raw cookbooks from the library and was intrigued by a few recipes. Plus, I would be able to preserve more food. Woot! for homemade fruit leather.
  • a deep freezer would be awesome, if we could figure out a place to put it. But that is dreaming really, really big.

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Patt said...

keep it up - just don't beat yourself up if you eat out a couple of times a week