Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just a little update

"Spring" gardening in DFW starts in january with another push in early february and then one last big one in march. oy. ive been busy and am soooo hoping to make back the money ive already invested. Time to start picking up more horse poop again, me thinks.

I'm crossing my fingers for potatoes, salad greens, spinach and two types of carrots. Next week i start with broccoli and some other stuff i cant think of off the top of my head. I've got seeds sitting on the top of my fridge that im fretting over like a methed out mother hen. And there's still more i need to do!! AAAAHHH! Not enough hours in the day!!! And when I have them, im puttering on the interweb!!

And now that im talking more food stuff, the google ads are finally getting away from binkie and formula adverts. hurray!


Miriam said...

uberhausfrau, you are the best! I love your comments on Feministing. I usally get dumped on there when stuff comes up about kids/marketing/ media, but you seem to be on the same page. thanks!! if you like, check out my blog at:



Patt said...

Still wondering were you got the gardening gene? Good luck garden and cooking/eating at home.

uberhausfrau said...

miriam - gee. thanks! you made me blush!

patt/mom - maybe dad's side of the family?