Friday, December 5, 2008

advent calendar catch-up, kitty edition

day one - meet crassus.

last saturday morning we discovered this guy sleeping on our patio furniture. unlike the other ferals, he brushed us off when we tapped on the glass. when he finally got up just before sun set, i noticed he was incredibly skinny - even for the possible siamese in him. his hips looked stiff and his coat just hung on him. with all the empty rentals and houses that have been for sale for months, i have to wonder if he was a "foreclosure"- somebody rented a house only to find a half starved cat left in it and let it go to whatever fate it had in store. ive never seen him before and even the ferals im not feeding have plenty of fat on them (see the next picture for comparison).

day two - meet marius.

i took this picture from our bedroom window - the first time i saw him there, he must have heard us and ran off. he's sitting on our patio furniture - must be very popular. buddytwo (who i wanted to name marius) loves him. even now, he goes to the window and says "mar-is. mar-is." this is one of the resident cats in the colony.

day three. my babies.

i finally caught them being snuggly and the camera was charged/had space.
enjoy the warm fuzzies.

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