Saturday, December 13, 2008

advent calendar 11,12,13 - random bag

day 11 -

i totes meant to post this on thursday when it happened. one of the cool things about living within strike distance of a joint naval air station is that it's the air show everyday. one of the crappy things is that it's the air show, everyday, often at 11 at night. but the other day i really thought lack of caffeine was making me see things. nope. the space shuttle's trip home included a path directly over our house. i guess the last time that happened was 1997.

day 12 -
i have a twin in jersey. they even used "rub two brain cells together" - i use that all the time. i would totally write a note like this. and passive-aggressive notes kicks so much more ass than post secret. i remember reading an article in the city paper in DC when they guy first started doing it - sounded interesting and cathartic. now everyone just seems to be out-emoing themselves. if i wrote a post secret it would be "im only doing this to get interwebs attention." id do it in sharpie on some wistful sunset picture. then id throw glitterglue on it.

day 13 - ugly christmas sweater generator sorry no photos. dont feel like it.

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