Tuesday, December 18, 2007

plumbing is for wusses

this weekend. our washing machine started backing up into the kitchen sink. and then the dish washer didnt drain. thankfully we have the front loading kind that doesnt use lots of water, or the kitchen would have been swamped.

so out came rescue roover. thank jebus for our home warranty. i think it has already "paid for itself" with these two repairs.

so now i can do laundry! yeay??

tuck may have asthma. it's still too early to get a real diagnosis but his snoring, the "forgetting to breath," frequent and pretty severe colds could be attributed to it. my mom said i needed breathing treatments when i was younger and outgrew it, so ive got my fingers crossed.

ming ming is being bizarre. he's been asking to take naps. i think the cold he had, that tuck got and is in it's current nasty form, has gotten a second wind. blah!!

and christmas is a week away. im getting really excited. we bought a real tree this year and it smells wonderfully. and it looks oh so pretty with the three ornaments we have! my folks have been having gifts sent here and ming ming keeps wanting to open them, but i have to say santa is dropping them off and if he sees them, he will come back and take them. tuck seems to understand whats going on, too. he's not very happy that ming ming gets to open his lego advent calendar every day, and he gets nothing. im a bad mama. but he's getting awesome presents so i hope i can make up for it.

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