Wednesday, July 8, 2009

topical gardening post

it's july in texas so while everything is dying around you (or at least looks like 13 shades of death) you start thinking about next year. and as gardening is a constantly evolving learning process, this is what i learned this year.

  • mulch, mulch, mulch - didnt do near enough of it. the leaves from last fall and the wood chips put down from the previous owner have pretty much all but decomposed into the soil.
  • fertilizer - again, didnt do near enough. besides some soil ammendments in march and watering with fish tank water and menstrual blood (yep, im that crunchy and now you all know it) i havent added much new stuff.
  • compost - gotta get a better handle on composting. im hoping to get a better composting set-up if we can swing it and find a new location for it.
  • dont wait until you see bugs eating your plants to get the beneficial ones - i waited until May to get preying mantids and tric wasps and by then, my greens and squash were toast
  • better place for carrots - i made the mistake of putting my carrots right next to the dirt patch where sulla and agrippa play. they took to pulling them all out to see how they were growing. well, they didnt grow much.

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Patt said...

Still amazed you got a gardening gene. Think it was from Grandma's family laying dormant for 3 generations. Your g-g-grandma's backyard was a field of flowers.