Wednesday, May 13, 2009

an interesting development

several months ago, i blogged about pelleted pine bedding as cat litter. (for the record a 40 bag lasted 3 and a half months. for a little over 2 dollars a month).

with three boxes, ive run into the "problem" of what to do with it because i dont want to add it to my food compost bin. ive added it to my acid loving hydrageas without any burn out and noticed it was killing some weedy vines. interesting. on a whim i dumped some on a sucker of this motherplucking tree. someone on teh interwebs told me they thrive in horrible conditions so if you baby them, or dump tons of fresh manure, they will burn themselves out. i forgot about it for a few days, and then noticed the sucker was all wilted away.

hey. i might be on to something. i think the combination of cat urine and pine is just too much and maybe it will kill off some of the kudzu-esque vines growing there. i wacked away at a few trees along the fence with the neighbours (reminder to ask them/the landlord about digging on their side) and started dumping the boxes on a few suckers to experiment. we will see what happens.

sadly im going to have to stay on top of it forever because the only thing between our living room and the western sun is a huge mature tree of heaven. i had thought it was a pecan when we bought the house.

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Patt said...

Serendipity is a wonderful thing - I'd write the company of your find and several nurseries - who knows you could get the bedding for free