Tuesday, November 13, 2007

woohoo! im live-bloggin' it

having wifi in the house and a laptop means i can look up recipes from recipezaar without having to print them off or run back and forth from the computer room to the kitchen.

so for your enjoyment, here's my live-blog of southern fried tofu and chicken-fried steak, mash potatos and collard greens.

ok im not exactly sure how one live-blogs (take a drink everytime i say it). so im just making this shit up everytime i put my knife down.

boromir and faramir are so emo. boromir likes the 'fall out boys' songs they play on the radio so i got infinity on high for him. and he loves it - it's hilarious to hear him sing 'thanks for memris.' and the other day faramir was kicking his legs in time to the music when we were listening in the car.

ok. this isnt working. time to extricate children from the dishwasher.

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