Saturday, October 13, 2007

product review: smart spin

i have always been a sucker for those "seen on tv" household products. i dont know what it is. i remember seeing them because they were to only things on sunday morning when my mom would braid my hair. i walked into bed, bath and beyond yesterday and they had a whole wall of the stuff so im going to make this a regular segment.

so paterfamilias bought the smart spin while on his last run to get stuff for the house. it's a smart (harhar!) idea seeing as you always seem to lose the lid for the container you have. i believe gladware even redesigned they containers to you might even have the same brand lid and container, but they wont fit. thanks, jerks. and because of copyright/patent/trademark/jebus, every brand has to be slightly different so there are infinate possiblities to be standing there in front of your cabinets wondering where the fuck the lid for this one is.

the one complaint i have so far is the containers are very small and a bit oldly shaped. the smallest is one cup. it's rare i have leftovers in only that amount. and it seems it is exactly one cup, not wiggle room left for air or liquid to slosh around. the largest size (4 cups, i believe) is still not large enought for your average leftover. and it's oldly shaped, to fit the caddy and the "only 1 square foot of space" that it advertises on the box. image storing your leftover southern fried tofu in an iced tea tumbler.

havent had the chance to run them through the dishwasher/microwave though it says they are safe.

so my rating (1-5)

on paper: 5 - whats not to love? universal lids, compact, it's fool-proof
in my house: 4 - weird size means im still going to have to go out and get more containers, though the small size makes it a good option for packing lunch and/or smaller portions for smaller people.

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