Sunday, September 30, 2007

so a first time post. here's where i get to set the tone, i guess.

ill try to keep the cast of characters under george eliot length (or thomas pinchon, if thats more your style).

jillian - me, but i dont think i would ever refer to myself by my name, this is just for clarity's sake.
paterfamilias - spouse, husband, partner, babydaddy, whatever, but i will never refer to him as DH. blech!
the boys - for their own protection and my own, im not giving their names but they will be referred to as buddy one and buddy two, fred and george or whatever the flavour of the day is.
gramma and grampa - jeremy's folks
granny - jeremy's grandmother
ma'maw and poppy - my parents

theres more people, obviously but these are main folks.

soo...what else...ah yes. we get the keys later today, so let the good times roll.

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